Month: January 2013

Flagstaff Car Accident Lawyers

Motor vehicle accidents, or MVA’s, are among the most serious types of accidents that can happen. Getting injured in a car accident is extremely traumatic – physically, emotionally, and financially. Medical treatment should begin immediately. But other medical conditions can surface days or weeks later. You can miss family time, work, and other opportunities. You have pain and suffering. And you deserve justice. You can still be a victim even if a crime did not occur.

There are two areas of the law, generally speaking, which are: criminal and civil. A criminal case develops when someone violates a criminal statute of the Arizona Revised Statutes. The police and prosecutors must become involved for a criminal case to proceed. In other circumstances, a car accident is a civil wrong, or a “tort.”

To separate the two, consider this example. First, if you are hit by a car, and the other driver was driving drunk, then it is a crime. The crime is DUI and could be considered a felony Aggravated Assault. Second, if you are injured because a person is speeding and collides into you, there may not be a crime involved. This is a civil wrong, or a tort, for which you still deserve justice.

Fair Compensation: Pain and Suffering

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), each year approximately 25,000 occupants of vehicles died in traffic accidents and an estimated 2.35 million people suffered injuries from car crashes. Injuries from car, truck and motorcycle accidents can be catastrophic. Victims often suffer broken or crushed bones, lacerations, muscle injuries, spinal cord injuries, internal organ damage or traumatic brain injuries, to name a few.