Month: October 2013

Flagstaff Lawyers Defend Grand Canyon Trespassing Cases

Here at the Griffen & Stevens Law Firm, PLLC, we are extremely disappointed in the federal government’s shutdown of our most amazing national parks, including the Grand Canyon National Park. One of the top seven natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon is… shut down? Closed? Prohibited from accepting visitors? It’s a sad day for our country, for our citizens, for the State of Arizona, and for all of us who have a right to enjoy our own national parks.

We are outraged by the recent news that nearly two dozen people have been cited – with criminal charges – for entering the Grand Canyon during the shutdown. For example, take a look at the USA Today article here. According to the article, there will be law enforcement patrolling the Grand Canyon National Park around the clock. If law enforcement is available to patrol the park “around the clock,” why are U.S. citizens not allowed to enjoy the park? Everyone charged with a crime in the Grand Canyon National Park will have to appear in federal magistrate court in Flagstaff, since the courthouse in the Grand Canyon National Park is apparently shut down.

We are honored to defend cases in the United States Magistrate Court in Flagstaff, Arizona. We defend federal charges of all types – trespassing, DUI or OUI, assault, sex crimes, drug cases, and murder. We are a criminal defense law firm in Flagstaff, dedicated to providing high quality legal defense to criminal charges. We take pride in defending those accused by the U.S. government of criminal wrongdoing. It was the U.S. government that caused the shutdown of the Grand Canyon and all national parks. We feel that the National Park Service, according to media reports, has been disrespectful, if not abusive, toward U.S. citizens. And we don’t believe it should be tolerated.

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