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Bruce S. Griffen (over 35 years experience) and Ryan J. Stevens (former felony prosecutor) aggressively defend major felony cases—including illegal drugs, homicide, violent crimes, repetitive felonies, sex crimes, aggravated DUI, theft, and many more—using a blend of aggressive tactics, negotiation, evidence suppression, and trial strategy.  We will develop a refined defense strategy for your individual case.

Major felony defense also requires strong trial skills. Mr. Griffen is a top 1% trial lawyer in all of Arizona, according to American College of Trial Lawyers. Mr. Stevens is a former felony prosecutor and skilled trial attorney who is known for his courtroom success.  Cross examination, trial advocacy, legal arguments – Griffen & Stevens will give your Arizona felony case the commanding defense it deserves.

Just a few of our recent results include:

  • Jury Trial Acquittal: Client was taken to trial in Mohave County on three felony counts: sale of dangerous drugs, possession of dangerous drugs, and possession of drug paraphernalia. After conducting a defense investigation that far-exceeded what the police had done, Griffen & Stevens subpoenaed multiple defense witnesses whose testimony generated significant doubt about whether Client knew about the dangerous drugs. After a jury trial, Client was acquitted on all charges. The jury specifically found Client “not guilty” of each offense. (Mohave County Superior Court, Kingman, AZ)

  • Bond Reduced by $73 Million: Client was held on an excessively high cash-only bond. After the Court denied our request to lower the bond, Griffen & Stevens took the case to the Arizona Court of Appeals, arguing that the Court had violated the Arizona Constitution, Section II, Article 15, which states: “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishment inflicted.” The Arizona Court of Appeals agreed with Griffen & Stevens and ordered the trial court to reduce the bond. The result was a reduction in the bond by $73 million. (Yavapai County Superior Court, Prescott, AZ)

  • Jury Trial Acquittal: Client was charged with three felony offenses: unlawful flight from law enforcement, aggravated assault on a police officer, and resisting arrest. After researching the officer’s background, Griffen & Stevens revealed that the officer had a history of misconduct including dishonesty. After a 3-day jury trial, Client was acquitted on all charges. The jury specifically found Client “not guilty” of each offense. (Yavapai County Superior Court, Prescott, AZ)

  • Case Dismissed: Client was charged with transportation of methamphetamine and cocaine for sale. A large quantity of drugs were located in a secret/hidden compartment of a large cooler that contained food items. Client was not given a fair grand jury process. Griffen & Stevens filed a motion to remand, challenging the grand jury indictment process. Upon winning the motion, the case was remanded, and Griffen & Stevens convinced the prosecutor not to re-charge Client due to his lack of knowledge of the drugs. Case dismissed. (Navajo County Superior Court, Holbrook, AZ)

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