Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a designation that is tacked on to certain Arizona crimes.  Domestic violence occurs where the victim of a crime has one of the following relationships to the accused offender:

  1. Marriage or former marriage or of persons residing or having resided in the same household;
  2. Child in common;
  3. Victim is pregnant by the accused;
  4. Victim is related to the accused by blood or the accused’s spouse by blood, or a court order, as a parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, brother or sister or by marriage as a parent-in-law, grandparent-in-law, stepparent, step-grandparent, stepchild, step-grandchild, brother-in-law or sister-in-law; or
  5. Romantic or sexual relationship.

Domestic violence convictions require a domestic violence offender treatment program and, in many jurisdictions, a domestic violence impact panel.  Domestic violence convictions get “stacked” on your criminal record, and punishments get more severe with each conviction.  Domestic violence can be a felony.

Former domestic violence prosecutor Ryan J. Stevens employs a comprehensive defense to every domestic violence case.  Mr. Stevens aggressively protects the rights of his clients throughout every step of a domestic violence prosecution all the while seeking to ensure a non-recurrence of domestic violence charges.