Coerced into accepting a plea agreement…

Question: I have been forced to sign a plea agreement. I have not been shown evidence of any kind. No police report or video. What can I do now?

Ryan’s Answer: For a valid guilty plea, it must be knowing, voluntary, and intelligent. This means that you must be of a clear mind; that you have not been coerced, forced, or the victim of any false promises; and that you have read, understand, and agree with the contents of the plea. No court or judge should accept any plea agreement that is not knowingly, voluntarily, and intelligently entered by the defendant. So, what did you sign? Who presented it? How were you “forced” to sign it (quoting your question)? Signing a plea is not enough; you have to go in front of a judge.

Have you done that? You have the right to hire a criminal defense lawyer to assist you in reviewing the substance and procedure behind this plea agreement, to ensure that your constitutional rights are not being violated.

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