Pre-Trial Services…

So you’re on Pre-Trial Services (PTS) release, under their supervision while your csae is pending (i.e., you have been charged and are awaiting trial), and you have to take submit random urinalyses (UA’s). You relapse, let’s say, and end up with 3 “dirty” UA’s, which your PTS officer finds out about. You check yourself into rehab where you hope the police will not arrest you. What happens now?

The fact that you had 3 “dirty” UA’s while on PTS release is a little more serious than just having one. Your PTS officer has the discretion to file a non-compliance report to the judge, who then can find that you violated your release conditions and must be taken into custody while your case is pending. That’s just one possibility.

And unfortunately, while at rehab, you are not insulated from arrest. Hopefully, voluntarily entering rehab will show your PTS officer, the judge, and even the prosecutor that you are taking the initiative to get clean. No matter what, stay in touch with your PTS officer as required and always comply with every release condition. If you don’t give them any more reasons to file a non-compliance report, you may luck out. And it sounds like rehab may be appropriate for you. Remember, rehab only works if you put in the effort, so don’t give up on yourself.

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