Flagstaff DUI Lawyer discusses marijuana, drugs, and your rights

One day after a methamphetamine bust in a Flagstaff motel netted 5 arrests for various drug crimes, like possession and sale of dangerous drugs, including methamphetamine, a 13 year old boy was arrested for possession of marijuana for sale in a drug-free school zone at Sinagua Middle School.

The boy had apparently hidden 5 baggies of a small quantity of marijuana under a heater in the school. A simple K-9 search revealed the drugs in the middle school on E. Butler Avenue in Flagstaff, Arizona. Under Arizona Revised Statutes, sections 13-3411 and 13-709.03(C), possessing marijuana for sale in a school zone is a prison-only offense and the prison time is increased by 1 year, generally, because it was in a school zone.

Fortunately for the 13 year old, he will be tried in the juvenile court system. An adult who commits the same crime is looking at serious prison time. What is happening? Drugs are rampantly traveling through Northern Arizona on I-17 and I-40 through Mohave, Yavapai, Coconino, Navajo, and Apache counties. Police are getting aggressive in their drug detection and enforcement of drug laws. But that’s how lines get crossed and constitutional rights get violated.

DUI In other news, DUI charges are increasing lately in Flagstaff. As the weather gets nicer, people are out longer and later, and driving home after hitting the bars and clubs. You should know that under Arizona law, there are multiple different ways to charge DUI. Here are a few:

  • DUI – Slightest — minimum 10 days jail with 9 suspended upon successful completion of alcohol screening and treatment
  • DUI – 0.08% or higher — minimum 10 days jail with 9 suspended upon successful completion of alcohol screening and treatment
  • “Extreme” DUI – 0.15% or higher — minimum 30 days consecutive jail
  • “Super Extreme” DUI – 0.20% or higher — minimum 45 days consecutive jail
  • Aggravated DUI (Felony DUI) — minimum 4 months in prison

All DUI offenses have major fines and fees, suspension of your license, and other life-changing penalties. Stay safe, and get a good a DUI lawyer if you are charged to protect your rights and get the best result in your Northern Arizona DUI case as is possible.

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