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Got an arrest warrant in Arizona? Look no further. Call your Flagstaff Arizona Felony Lawyer immediately at (928) 607-9928. An outstanding arrest warrant is a serious matter in Arizona. Don’t end up in jail.

Arrest warrants are a scary thing. If a police officer comes upon you, and you have an arrest warrant, the police are required to arrest you, and you’ll sit in jail until a judge is available to see you. Even really old arrest warrants can and will come back to haunt you. When a warrant is issued for your arrest, your driver’s license is usually automatically suspended, which means as soon as you get a speeding ticket, you’re going to jail. Arizona arrest warrants can come out of city courts (e.g., Flagstaff Municipal Court), justice courts (e.g., Prescott Justice Court), and superior courts (e.g., Yavapai County Superior Court).


Judges can issue arrest warrants for a variety of reasons, such as a failure to pay warrant, or a failure to appear warrant. A failure to appear is also a criminal offense and you can be charged with a felony in Arizona, just for your failure to appear. Here are the two types of Failure to Appear offenses in Arizona: Failure to Appear First Degree (Arizona Revised Statutes section 13-2507) Failure to appear in the first degree is when you miss a required court date to answer to felony charges. If you missed this court date you will face this additional Class 5 felony charge. This additional felony charge has a potential sentence of up to 1 ½ years in prison.

This is a serious charge to have added to your already existing legal problems. Failure to Appear Second Degree (Arizona Revised Statutes section 13-2506) Failure to appear in the second degree is when you fail to show up for a court date in regards to a misdemeanor or infraction charge. This additional charge is a Class 1 misdemeanor. A Class 1 misdemeanor carries a potential sentence of up to 6 months in jail as well as fines up to $2,500. Arizona MVD will be notified of your failure to appear and your driver’s license will be immediately suspended.

How else can I get an arrest warrant in Arizona?

Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure also offer judges the ability to issue an arrest warrant upon a felony indictment or finding of probable cause upon a complaint made under oath.

See Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure, Rule 3.1.

If the court tries to summons you, and you fail to appear or are unavailable for service, the judge can issue an arrest warrant as well.

See Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure, Rule 3.1(c).

I have an arrest warrant, what do I do now?

If you have a warrant for your arrest, you may post the amount of the bond to quash the warrant and have an arraignment date scheduled. You may also contact a warrants officer who can schedule a time to see the judge. Only the judge can make the decision of whether you are arrested or not. Once a warrant is issued, you must personally appear before the judge before the warrant is quashed.

Griffen & Stevens Law Firm, PLLC can push hard to get your warrant quashed and assist you in dealing with the basis of your warrant. There are many technical rules and Arizona laws relating to arrest warrants and the execution of arrest warrants (i.e., when a police officer arrests someone pursuant to a warrant). Let your Northern Arizona Felony Lawyer fight to keep you out of jail.

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