Flagstaff Lawyer: drug arrests in NAU fraternity house case may result in prison-only felony charges

As a criminal defense lawyer in Flagstaff, I’ve been watching the news unfold on a serious spree of crimes, including drugs and drive-by shootings, happening at an NAU fraternity house just south of downtown Flagstaff.

The Arizona Daily Sun has been reporting on the story. Flagstaff police have arrested two residents of an NAU fraternity house on drug charges as relief work soft part of an investigation into an April 2011 drive-by shooting and continuing threats with a weapon at the same fraternity house. The Flagstaff police arrested two fraternity students, charging them with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and charging one of them with the sale of illegal drugs. An indictment will likely come out of a Coconino Grand Jury for these felony crimes.

As a Flagstaff felony drug lawyer, I’ve written before that Possession of Drug Paraphernalia is a class 6 felony offense in violation of Arizona Revised Statutes, section 13-3415(A). The sale or possession with the intent to sell illegal drugs is an even more serious felony under Arizona law.

Depending on the type of the substance, and the amount, quantity, and weight, that crime sometimes mandates a prison sentence, meaning felony probation is not even an option for the Coconino County Superior Court judge who will be issuing the sentence upon conviction, if any. Flagstaff has seen a widespread illegel drug problem over the past few years, including methamphetamine production and sale, heroin overdoses resulting in death and near-death situations for addicts, cocaine and ecstasy deals resulting in first degree murder, and the usual culprit, marijuana possession and sales.

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