Flagstaff Misdemeanor Lawyer on alcohol-related misdemeanors in Flagstaff cases…

Flagstaff Misdemeanor Lawyer Ryan Stevens discusses one of the most common elements found in Flagstaff misdemeanor criminal cases in Northern Arizona: alcohol.

  • Underage consumption.
  • DUI.
  • Disorderly conduct.
  • Shoplifting.
  • Domestic Violence.

These are just some of the Flagstaff misdemeanor cases I deal with. And one thing in common in most, if not all, of those cases is ALCOHOL. As soon as an alcohol-related case comes across my desk, a number of things cross my mind: alcohol dependency, alcohol addiction, alcohol counseling and treatment, alcoholism rehabilitation, outpatient services, residential treatment, and more. I think: would this Arizona crime have occurred had it not been for alcohol dependency?

There are many tools I can utilize in defending Flagstaff misdemeanor cases, like Miranda violations, voluntariness, constitutional violations, search and seizure violations, illegal traffic stop, unlawful arrest, bad breath/blood analysis, and more. And sometimes, you can win a Flagstaff DUI or other Flagstaff misdemeanor case on that. Other times, however, we need to address whether that Northern Arizona DUI was preventable, whether the driver is treatable, and whether we can use this information to best resolve the case with no jail and perhaps a deferred prosecution.

Underage consumption can lead to serious consequences for your drivers license, just like a DUI or certain other misdemeanors in Arizona. There are fines, fees, and jail time. You will have a criminal record. For all of these reasons, it is well worth it to hire a lawyer to walk you through the criminal justice process, to stand up and fight for all of your rights, to assert your defenses under Arizona criminal law, and to achieve the best resolution possible under the specific circumstances of your case.

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