Ryan Stevens Appears on RocketLawyer Podcast

Griffen & Stevens Law Firm, PLLC founder Ryan J. Stevens was honored to be a recent guest on the RocketLawyer podcast, LegallyEasy.

Mr. Stevens shared his insight, both as a criminal defense attorney and former felony prosecutor, on DUI laws, various traffic crimes, and the duties and roles of prosecutors in the American criminal justice system.

In particular, Mr. Stevens commented on the recent case in the State of Georgia involving Raquel Nelson, who was convicted of second degree vehicular homicide after a dangerous hit-and-run driver killed her 4 year-old boy while she crossed a road with him.

Mr. Stevens wrote an article on that case, Could the Raquel Nelson case happen in Arizona.

To read and hear the podcast, please enjoy and provide positive feedback on the RocketLawyer podcast website.

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